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Welcome to Refine Beauty Studio, where we specialize in permanent makeup services. We understand that everyone has their own unique style and look, and our goal is to provide each of our clients with the highest-quality treatments that will allow them to enhance their natural beauty.

We believe in providing a comfortable and private experience, so our studio is open by appointment only. All of our services are customized to our individual clients. We look forward to helping you achieve your beauty goals.

Book an Appointment

If you're interested in our services, call to book your appointment with us today (214.906.3196). Please note that a deposit is required upon booking. 

Professional Eyebrows

Other Services

Brow Lamination + Shaping - 1 hour ($85)
Waxing + Shaping -30 mins ($25)
Lash Tint - 30 mins ($375)
Initial Brow Extension
 -1 hour ($375)
Touch up Brow Extension - ($65)
Mini Brow Extension - ($30)

Combo Services

Brow Lamination + Shaping + Brow Extension- 1 hour 30 mins ($275)
Brow Lamination + Shaping -
1 hour 30 mins ($175)


Initial appointment  

Step 1: Prior to the start of your procedure, your artist will work with you to discuss your brow goals. Along with your face structure to create the ideal brow shape to compliment your face and lifestyle.

(I would advise to send a text of your inspired eyebrow look) * During your procedure you will be numb.*

Step 2: Brow Color- During this time we will discuss and create the perfect color to match your brow goals. You and your Artist will come to an agreement on your new perfect shape, color and foundation
Step 3: The Microblading procedure begin.

Step 2

Touch Up Appiontment

Perfecting Color

Spot Corrections

Adding Boldness if Desire

The Touch-up session is performed 4-6 weeks from your initial appointment

Maintenance taince Appointment 

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure. Therefore, it will gradually and naturally fade over time, to varying degrees—this is the nature of Microblading. A annual  maintenance  recommended once the brows have started to fade past the 50% mark. 

Step 3

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